Behind the scenes?

Do you want to know what happened in the development and design department of Barbie in the 1990s? Recently a video appeared on youtube that shows us the secrets.

Hope you enjoy it!

The problem with green ears and modern Collector Barbie

I don’t know whether anyone of you knows the problem but I assume you do. I bought Collector Barbie dolls for many years and for some reason I don’t know some of them developed green ears.  I have to say I don’t like green ears at all. I know it has been a problem for decades. I the first owner of some of the Collector Barbie and I stored them all the same way. This is what I did when I saw green ears. At first I removed the earrings from the doll. Most of them had no hooks at the end in the head. So it was easy to remove them. Then I cleaned them with a cloth for costume jewelry. After that I put them in a tiny plastic bag to be sure that the earrings don’t stain the clothes.  I put one of these little silicone bags inside the box before I put the box with the doll in my shelf. Then I forgot about the issue. When I looked into the box again….surprise the green was gone. This is so strange. I really did nothing and now it’s gone. I realized the green in an early stage.

Maybe this makes a difference!? I hope my post can help anyone.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!

Today I gonna write only a short article. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I bought myself as a Christmas present the last Barbie doll missing in my Holiday Collection. It’s the special edition available at Sears from 2004.  I took some pics before I left for my Christmas holiday last Thursday.

Holiday 2004 (red dress)

Holiday 2004 Barbie from Sears, regular doll wore a green dress

Holiday 2004 Barbie doll, so nice

A long search came to an end

After almost 21 years I finally found the name of a Barbie doll that I saw in a department store when I was six years old. The mysterious doll was nowhere listed in my books. It was strange. I only remembered that she had a lipstick in the box and there was the function to change the lip-colour of the doll. A month ago I found and bought her. Here she comes… Beauty Barbie

Beauty Barbie

Beauty Barbie

Beauty Barbie

My first ooak

Today I wanna show you the result from my first ooak-try. I used the head that I have rerooted in March. In the meantime I found a body for the doll and dressed her with my self-made friendship-bracelet dress. To do a single bracelet lasted between two and twenty hours (depending on the pattern). So in general I can say I put a lot of work in this dress. Hope you like it 🙂

It's crazy. Isn't it?

With reroot and a self-made friendship-bracelet dress

My first ooak-Barbie doll

In the next weeks to come…

As theme for my next article I will write a bit about the Totally Yoyo -Series from 1998. It was the second series to use the Teen Skipper. At the moment I’m still waiting for the Totally Yoyo Nikki to arrive here. I will post pics from the whole series as far as she arrives here.