15th Anniversary

In these days  I’ll celebrate my 15th anniversary of Barbie collecting. I began to collect Barbie in the last days of November in 1996.  The Irish Barbie from DOTW (Dolls of the World) was my first collector doll.  I was happy to have her in my collection. She was followed by two other Barbie collector dolls in December. One of them was the Happy Holidays 1995 ( we bought her as Happy Holidays 1996 here in Germany) and the Indian Barbie from 1996. And these three dolls were only the begin of my collection.

More new rerooted Barbie dolls

Today I gonna open my Treasure Chest again. I hadn’t posted many articles in the last time. I was busy with several Barbie dolls and gave them a new look. Here  they come.

Birthday Fun Gift set Barbie

Birthday Fun Barbie Gift set, my first hairdo from 2000

German Standard Barbie from the 1970s in Live Action Barbie outfit

My little Hippie Girl

5th Anniversary Barbie from Portugal

She had a bold head when I got her

Now she's wearing the outfit "Gypsy Spirit" from 1970.

Skipper from the late 1980s came to me in September

Her hairdo was inspired by party-hairdos from the 1990s.

Her hair was just a mess and so I decided to give her new hair.

In her earlier life she was a gymnast Barbie doll.

Her hairdo was partly inspired by the Maiko and Geisha hairdos from Japan

I also put my own ideas into the traditional japanese hairstyle.

She was a Fashion Play Barbie doll in her earlier life.

I wanted to give her streaks  in a color fitting to her eye color.

Here she comes with a dress that I tailored about 10 years ago when I still was a Teenager.

The dress was inspired by the first Faberge Barbie doll. I really liked the blue dress.

The result of my fantasy was this dress with a real crioline in Barbie-size, gloves and long boots.

She's looking like a queen.

I hope you like the dress.

Here you can see the hat and the hairdo.

Here is a closer look at the hairdo.

Generation Girl Susie

I have always been a fan of the Generation Girl Series but until now I had none of them. Yesterday I got the first of my Generation Girls. She’s called Susie and the european Version of Generation Girl Tori. I like her since she reminds me on the fashion and the feeling from then. Obviously the Generation Girl Tori was made for the whole european market and not only for Spain and Portugal.

Generation Girl Susie

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