The Barbie Treasure Chest is finally a visual result of collecting Barbie for 14 years. I started back in 1996 to collect Barbie. Then in 2003  when I had more than hundred Barbie dolls I decided to make my collection visible for other people.  Since there were no social networks back then it was hard to get in contact with other collectors with the same collecting interests like me.

My interests concerning Barbie are Collector dolls, playline dolls ( especially from the 1990s), special edition dolls from the USA, special edition dolls from outside Europe ( especially from the asian market), the little sister of Barbie named Kelly (editions from 1995 til 2000). I also like the mod era, Barbie from the 1970s and the 1980s but I don’t have much from other decade before the 1990s. The only Barbie dolls I don’t like are the Silkstones Barbies.

I also can speak a bit  Spanish.  So don’t worry, write a comment 😉

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