One of my Superstar-Reroots

I haven’t posted very much in the last weeks. Now I’m going to change this. I wanted to show you one of my Superstar-Reroots. I did in 2012 I think. I ‘m a fan of  red haired Barbie dolls but in 1977 there were no red haired Superstars and I wondered what she would look like. And here is my result.

Superstar Reroot

Superstar Reroot

Superstar Reroot in red

Superstar Reroot

I have chosen a color called “Oxided Julia” for my reroot that had pink streaks in the red hair. I don’t think it has anything in common with the Color Magic Hair that was used for Julia in the late 1960s but I saw that it tended to turn from black  into a reddish tone. For the hair style I chose rope braids. They are easy  but you have lots of possibilities to work with them. The dress is a Best Buy dress from the late 1970s. I saw it and I thought it would match perfectly.

Just finished a new reroot

Today I finished the Beauty Secrets Barbie doll that I found on the flea market several weeks ago. Her hair was in such a bad condition that I immediately decided to do a reroot. Last weekend I finally found the time to do it. So here is the result.

At first the middle parting

The most difficult part of the head

Middle part and right side is done.

Left side isn't done yet

After 80% or 85% of work

Left side isn't finished here.

Look at the result.

I used a two tone color.

I like it.

Perparing a new reroot

Last Sunday I was on a flea market and found a Beatuy Secrets Barbie doll with a lot of missing hair. Today I prepared the head for new hair. I cut the existing hair and put the rest out with several tools. Here is the result. The head is bold. Next step ist waiting for the new hair to arrive.

Barbie head before reroot

Barbie head before I started to work

Barbie head before reroot

The right side from the head

First step: Cut the hair very short. To cut the hair makes it easy to get the hair out of the head.

Right side of the head after step one.

Step two: Put the short hair out of the head.

After step number two you have a bold head without hairs. It's now time to decide what hair color to choose.

My Barbie has a new hairdo now

As I wrote yesterday I gave my Malibu Barbie head a full reroot. Yesterday I started to style her. Since she has so much hairs now I needed more time than I expected to give her a new hairdo. I wanted for her a very extraordinary style because she will get a very special dress. I tried to give her a hairdo like Empress Elisabeth from Austria in a very famous painting with a kind of modern style. So here is my result. 🙂

The begin of the styling

The resultIsn't she nice?

Here a bit more light

My first Barbie reroot

I was busy in the last days since I prepared myself for my first Barbie reroot. Today I gonna show you the result in pictues. I used the lock and loop method for the reroot. I needed two days to reroot the whole head.

Before the reroot

The beginning of the reroot with a bold head

As you can see the doll has no hair at the moment after 2 hours of work

A minute before the reroot was started

After the first plugs...

After the first 3 hours of work

After 4 hours of work

After 6 hours of work

After 8 hours of work

After 8 hours of work

After 10 hours of work

After 12 hours of work

After 12 hours of work

Approximately after 13 hours of work

After 14 hours of work

After 15 hours of work

After 16 and a half hours of work

After 18 hours of work

After 19 hours of work

After 19 and a half hours of work

After 20 hours of work