My wish list

To be honest I wrote this list many years ago. I don’t always buy what’s on the list. I buy what I like. So regard this list rather than an indication for what I like instead of the next victim I’m going to buy.

Name of the  Series Name of the  Barbie
Expressions of India 1997 Roopvati Rajasthani
Expressions of India 1997 Swapna Sundari
Playline from India 1995 Pretty Hair Barbie
Santacruzan Barbie Coll. 1997 Santacruzan Reyna Elena
Flores de Mayo 1998 Reyna Emperiatrix Barbie
Flores de Mayo 1998 Reyna Mora Barbie
American Stories Series Pioneer Barbie 1995 & 1996
American Stories Series Civil War Nurse B.
Barbie Fan Club 2006 Rhapsody in New York Barbie
Coca Cola 50s Coca Cola Waitress Brunette
Designer Bob Mackie Bob Mackie Barbie #1
Designer Bob Mackie Neptune Fantasy B.
Designer Bob Mackie Fantasy Goddess of the Americas B.
Designer Bob Mackie Lady Liberty Barbie
Designer Byron Lars Coco Barbie
Life Ball 1998 Life Ball Barbie
Life Ball 2005 Life Ball Barbie
Fao Schwarz 1990 Golden Greetings B.
Fao Schwarz 1993 Madison Avenue B.
Fao Schwarz 1993 Rockettes B.
Fao Schwarz 1994 Silver Screen B.
Fao Schwarz 1996 Statue of Liberty B.
Fao Schwarz 1998 Phantom of the Opera
Fao Schwarz 1998 Summer in San Francisco B.
Fao Schwarz 1999 Golden Hollywood B.
Fao Schwarz 1999 Le Papillion B.
Fao Schwarz 2000 Fao Fun B.
Hallmark 1997 Sentimental Valentine B.
Hallmark 1998 Fair Valentine B.
Hallmark 1998 Holiday Voyage B.
Hallmark 1999 Holiday Sensation B.
Sears Barbie Evening Recital Gift Set
See’s Candies 2001 I left my heart in San Francisco B.
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