About me or my little story

Starting to Collect Barbie Dolls in November 1996

My love for Barbie dolls started at a young age, when I was first introduced to them in November 1996. From that moment on, I became hooked and embarked on a journey that would shape my life and career. My interest in languages started at the same time as well. I wanted to be able to read all the text on the “Barbie Collectibles boxes” as they were called back then.

Starting My Own Blog in 2010

As my passion for Barbie dolls grew, I wanted to explore the world of blogging. In 2010, I decided to create my own blog as a way to express my thoughts and share my collection with the world. Little did I know that this decision would change my life forever.

Repairing Barbie Dolls: A Passion for Learning

After a while, collecting Barbie dolls became a bit boring for me. I needed a new challenge, so I started to experiment with repairing and customizing them. With no one to ask, I had to find my own ways and figure out how things work.

Sharing My Results on YouTube in 2015

As my repair skills developed, I wanted to share my results with others. In 2015, I decided to create a YouTube channel called “Busy B from Germany”. My channel is dedicated to Barbie doll repair and customization.

“How Does It Work?”: The Driving Question

The one question that kept pushing me forward was “How does it work?”. Every time I encountered a problem or encountered something unfamiliar, I would tirelessly search for answers. This relentless curiosity fueled my growth and helped me become an expert in Barbie doll repair.


My journey with Barbie dolls started with a simple collection in 1996, but quickly transformed into a lifelong passion. Along the way, I discovered my love for blogging and repairing dolls. By finding my own ways and sharing my knowledge on YouTube, I have been able to connect with a community of like-minded individuals. “How does it work?” has become my guiding question, pushing me to continue learning and expanding my skill set.

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