I’m sure lots of you know the problem. You buy a lot of clothes and one or two pieces have stains or a discoloration and it makes you mad. Three days ago we had a rainy Sunday. It annoyed me so that I decided to treat some of my Barbie clothes with stains. I must say that one piece was made of cotton and the other one was made of theĀ  material used for the Beauty Secrets Barbie blouse. What did I do?

I boiled water and took a little bowl and Oxi powder (filledĀ  the delivered spoon up to 3/4 ) and put the Oxi powder in the bowl. Then put the boiled water in the bowl until it is filled up to 50%. Then put the clothes in the bowl. Put a towel under the bowl because Oxi creates lots of foam. I bought my Oxi at the next discounter. It was no branded product.

Then let the clothes in the water for several hours. One of my stains needed 2 1/2 days until it completely disappeared. The other one is still in the bowl. Sunshine has a positive effect on the treatment and shortens it. The more sunshine the better.