Society Style Collection (TRU)

Today I gonna open my treasure chest again this week and I’ d like to show you my latest complete series, the Society Style collection.  This series was released by Toys ‘R’ Us in the mid 1990s and I think this is one of the most beautiful series they ever made. For me they are a memory to my first trip to Toys’ R’ Us in 1996 when I was 11 years old. I saw this series among others in their showcase and it was no question that I had to had them in my collection.  Some years passed by but yesterday the last one missing ( Emerald Enchantment Barbie) finally arrived.  I’m so happy to have the Society Style Collection now complete.

Emerald Enchantment Barbie (Close up)

Emerald Enchantment Barbie

Emeral Enchantment Barbie in Box

All three Barbie dolls from the Society Style Collection

Sea Lovin Barbie

Today I open my treasure chest again and present you the Sea Lovin Barbie. She’s a Special Edition since she was only available in Europe. I’m not sure whether she was available in Canada or not.  Mine is almost complete except the two blue stars on her skirt (as you can see she has two blue stars on her skirt but they are not original). I got her from another collector, we changed the dolls. As you can see she comes with a t-shirt in navy style, a white skirt, duffle back and a pair of white shoes. She looks very similar to the Loving You Barbie.

Sea Lovin Barbie

Sea Lovin Barbie (Close up)

Holiday 2013 Barbie

Today I gonna open my treasure chest again and present you my new Holiday 2013 Barbie doll. I just received her two days ago.  Hope you enjoy the pics although Christmas is over already.

Holiday 2013 Barbie has a silver dress with white application

Holiday 2013 Barbie (Close up, she has no real eyelashes)

Holiday 2013 Barbie has a doll stand included.

She is the 32nd Holiday Barbie in my collection, which also includes Variations of Holiday Barbie doll with different hair colours.

Fashion Avenue dress


Today I gonna open my treasure chest again because I have received a new fashion that I would like to show you.  The fashion is from 1996.  The item number is Asst. 14307.  It is a party dress for the evening with a lot of glamour. The dress is made of a bell-bottomed black skirt with valance and a silver sparkling strapless top.  Accompanied by a pink bolero and a pink purse reflects this outfit the taste of the mid 1990s.