Just finished a new reroot

Today I finished the Beauty Secrets Barbie doll that I found on the flea market several weeks ago. Her hair was in such a bad condition that I immediately decided to do a reroot. Last weekend I finally found the time to do it. So here is the result.

At first the middle parting

The most difficult part of the head

Middle part and right side is done.

Left side isn't done yet

After 80% or 85% of work

Left side isn't finished here.

Look at the result.

I used a two tone color.

I like it.

My first ooak

Today I wanna show you the result from my first ooak-try. I used the head that I have rerooted in March. In the meantime I found a body for the doll and dressed her with my self-made friendship-bracelet dress. To do a single bracelet lasted between two and twenty hours (depending on the pattern). So in general I can say I put a lot of work in this dress. Hope you like it 🙂

It's crazy. Isn't it?

With reroot and a self-made friendship-bracelet dress

My first ooak-Barbie doll