Christmas and Christmas Wishes: A Barbie Collector’s Perspective

A Time filled with Joy

Christmas is a time filled with joy, love, and the spirit of giving. As a Barbie collector, the holidays bring a special excitement, as they mark an opportunity to indulge in our passion and express our creativity. However, for many of us, the festive period can also be a time of financial constraint, as we struggle to find the perfect gifts for our families and friends.

The Christmas wish list of a collector

As a Barbie collector, our wish list often goes beyond our means, with the vast array of dolls, accessories, and collectibles available. Our area of collecting can vary greatly, with some collectors focusing on vintage dolls, special editions, or even customizing their Barbies. No matter what our niche is, our passion can often lead to spending a significant amount of money on our collection. Just for fun I made a video about the Christmas wish list topic three years ago.

Easy to find presents

Despite the financial strain, it’s surprisingly easy for our family to find presents for us. Barbie collectors are known for their passion and enthusiasm, and our loved ones often understand our obsession. Whether it’s a thoughtful gift of a Barbie-inspired accessory or a gift certificate for our favorite Barbie store, our families are always willing to support our hobby. For those of you not so familiar with the collector thing I also made a video so that you can get inspirations if you have a Barbie collector among your friends.

A private hobby?

However, it’s a different story when it comes to our colleagues and friends. While it’s easy to smile inside every time we add a new doll to our collection, we often refrain from sharing this excitement with those around us. The fear of being judged or misunderstood often holds us back from openly discussing our hobby. It might be different in some countries in the world. Widely accepted in the US we as collectors in Europe still have to fight against prejudices. While it’s no problem to collect model trains as a man it’s still regarded as something very strange when you collect Barbie dolls as woman in Europe. The reasons for collecting Barbie can have a lot of different backgrounds.

Challenges between money and Christmas wishes

While it may be challenging to find a balance between our collector’s desires and our financial obligations, the joy it brings to our lives is undeniable. The countless hours we spend organizing our collection, researching and acquiring new dolls, and admiring our carefully curated displays are all worth it. You know the hunting is one of the most exciting aspects of our hobby.

This is a picture showing some christmas decoration from my mom but for me this also reflects Christmas wishes
Christmas wishes of you?

Collector’s secrets are ok

To fellow Barbie collectors, I urge us to embrace the joy we find in our hobby and not let social expectations dictate our happiness. It’s okay to hide our collector’s secrets from those who may not understand, but it’s important to find solace in the shared passion of other collectors. From my personal experience I can tell you that I don’t tell it all my colleagues at work. I sometimes think about telling them but the reality is that only one colleague knows my little secret. We spoke about it and it was accepted.

Handmade Christmas cookies
Hand made Christmas cookies

Dream big

So, as we navigate the festive period, let’s remember that it’s okay to dream big, even when it comes to our collecting habits. And let’s embrace the joy of our collection, even if we can’t always express it to those outside of our collector community. Don’t forget it’s okay when you have to save a while for your biggest Christmas wish. Sometimes this happens in life but never forget to fight for it if you have to. And if you are like me still used to catalogues this may also bring some joy Happy holidays to all!

Club Exclusive Holiday Treasures Barbie, wears a blue velvet gown with a white glittery underskirt, partly visible with red hair
Club Exclusive Holiday Treasure Barbie 2000