One of my latest OOAK-Projects

Here is my latest OOAK -Project. I reflocked another Ken. I didn’t take any pics of my first Ken but this time I took pics. The Ken was totally bold and had no flocking material on his head anymore. I think the original colour changed a bit and became darker within the decades since he was produced.

Comparision of the colours (the right one was my first reflocked Ken)

When I finished my reflocking process he looked like this…

After the treatment..

and now they look like twins.

A bit late for Happy Holidays but here’s my first Happy Holidays from India

I know it’s a bit late for the Holidays and today is the first day of February. Nevertheless I’d like to show you my first Happy Holidays (HH)  from India. I like Barbie dolls from India but they are hard to find.  I’ve collected the Holidays series since 1996. I hoped to find the Indian issues too. I was lucky and found one. She has the box of the 1995 Happy Holidays and on the back you can see a pic of a 1995 Purple Passion Barbie from Toys ‘R’ Us. I have no idea if this was planned or not. The other Holiday dolls have pics of themselves on the back. The box of the 1995 Happy Holiday has a promo pic of a 1995 HH Barbie e.g..

One of the reasons to collect Barbie dolls from India is for me the painting in their faces. It’s very different from normal Western Barbie dolls, not so exorbitant.



I hope you can see what I mean.