Barbie wikipedia: In which countries is she available?

Hey, if this website says Barbie is available in more than 150 contries, why don’t they have a list? Probably due to a lack of knowledge.

I’m not sure if I can give you the name of all countries where Barbie is available but I’ll try to let you what I know and I think it’s more than the linked article says.

I’ll give you a list. That’s probably easier to read than a text.

  • USA
  • Japan ( she was released there in the early 1960s and was produced by Mattel only until 1980 but then there were several companies like Takara (by the way I have a Takara Barbie) , Ma-Ba (Mattel-Bandai cooperation), Bandai and after 1995 Mattel produced there for the Japanese market again)
  • Germany ( since the early 1960s, hard to find a Nr. 1 from 1959)
  • The Netherlands
  • France
  • Denmark
  • Sweden ( she was sold under the name of Brio ( little wooden model train) first in the early 60s)
  • Norway
  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium
  • Spain ( under license produced by Congost in Spain since the late 70s until the early 90s, later distributed by Mattel itself)
  • Portugal ( since the 1980s)
  • Mexico ( under license produced by CIPSA (1970s) and Aurimat (1980s)
  • Canada
  • Brazil ( under license by Estrela)
  • Peru ( under license by Basa)
  • Venezuela ( under license by Rotoplast)
  • Colombia ( under license by Dibon but the company went bancrupt shortly after the begin of the production)
  • Argentina ( under license by Top Toys and Antex)
  • Indonesia
  • Taiwan
  • The Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • Korea
  • India
  • Austria
  • England
  • Australia
  • China ( at least they tried to enter the toy market in 2009)
  • Greece
  • Russia?
  • Egypt?
  • Saudi Arabia?
  • (List is not complete yet, to be continued as soon as new information is available)

In other countries

We also find similar dolls like Barbie in countries like the middle east. I’m not sure who the producer is but they wear a headscarf. I’ve only seen her once or twice among collectors and she’s called Fulla. It’s not hard to find any picture of her online.

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I think last year Mattel released the Barbie with a hijab . Furthermore there were attempts to create a curvy doll before released the curvy Barbie bodies in the last years under the name of Lammily.

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??????????? ??? ???????? ??? ? ??????? ?? ?????? ???????: ?????, ??????? ?? ??????????, ?????????? ? ???????? ??? ?????? ?????. ? ??? ?? ????????? ?????? #?????????????? #??????? #????? #??????? #mylammi #lammily

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I also remember that there was a doll called Emme

She was one of the first tries to release a curvy doll with normal body proportions. I think it was in the late 1990s or so. I’m not a clone doll collector. I simply don’t have the space to collect them beside Barbie doll.

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This is one of my latest #takarabarbie. As soon as I know she’s a #jenny. She’s from 1986 but I found her not in any of my books. She reminds me of a school girl. Some collectors say she was re-named Jenny after a broken business deal with Mattel and Takara (so not Barbie anymore) #jennyjapan #takarajennydoll #takaradoll #barbiedoctor #barbiedoctora #busybfromgermany #barbievintage #vintagebarbie #barbiemod #modbarbie #barbiesuperstar #superstarbarbie

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New Barbie and Barbie body projects

Can you imagine that you find yourself in a maze and don’t know how to get out? That’s how I feel sometimes when I get new parcels for new projects.

  • In a positive way you can leave your every day life behind you for a while and spend time with Barbie dolls.
  • It can also feel a little bit like “Hey, there’s so much work to do.Why don’t you move your ass?”
  • Sometimes I also feel like a gold digger from the last gold rush, you know somebody who can’t stop to work because when you don’t work today you don’t have anything to eat tomorrow. ( I know a strange imagination)
  • What makes it even harder is the fact that I’m still looking for a full time job (I wonder if there is the right job somewhere for me. The last job interviews were rather deterrent than inviting)
  • Hey but nevertheless I continue working on my projects and on new videos, guys. Do you know these feelings?
  • I have a new lot that I’d like to show you . Here are some pics for my new Barbie and Barbie body projects …
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Here’s one of my new #barbieproject, a #tntbarbie from #1967barbie that I’m going to #restore. Does anyone of you know the name of the #barbiehaircolor? #Happy to hear from you #love #busybfromgermany #barbiedoctor #barbiedoctora today with a #modbarbie #barbiemod

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These two #standardbarbiedoll (s) from Europe were also in the lot. I want to see if a #barbiehack I heard about in the last months really works or not. #staytune if it works or not. Be surprised what #busybfromgermany plans with theses #70sbarbie dolls. #barbiemod #modbarbie #superstarbarbie #barbiesuperstar #love #barbielove #barbielovers

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In the last part of my lot you see two #skipperbody (s) , a Barbie body with #philippines #marking , a #funtimebarbie head and a #skipperhead as well as #two #skipperbody (s). I’m not sure at the moment what to do with this part of my #barbielot but I’m convinced that I can make new #exciting #videos for you from it. Do you have any wishes what you want to see`#loveyou #busybfromgermany #barbie70s #70sbarbie

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Do you like unicorns?

It started last year when I was doing my first hair studio and it a great success. So this year for Barbie dolls 60th anniversary I decided to do something really special. I did a reroot with my version of the 60th anniversary Barbie doll. In my opinion the dolls offered are all a bit boring… not really exciting, nothing I’d like to buy. Boring somehow maybe. Since you know I love to do things myself I decided to do a very special Barbie doll. I wanted to do this project earlier this year but then I suddenly found a payable Talking Barbie and I started the repair series with my Talking Barbie. Then I realized that some of you thought I maybe had forgotten her but it was not the point. I’ve been busy working in the real world too. Youtube is not the only construction site I work at at the moment. When I had a little more time and two days off I decided to start with the hair style for my so called “Unicorn” Barbie since her reroot was very colorful. She has lots and lots of hair that was not as cooperative as I hoped it would be but you can see what I’ve done so far here

and here

More videos about to come in the next weeks. She also needs a repaint. So stay tuned in and be curious since the repaint will be very different from the last one.

The biggest annual Barbie Convention in the USA took place

I think by the end of the last week I saw the first pics from the biggest annual Barbie Convention that took place in Kansas City, Missouri this year. I wish I could go to one of these big Barbie USA Conventions too but at the moment it’s way too expensive to fly over the Atlantic Ocean, stay there for a week ( a longer trip would probably be cheaper) and buy Barbie dolls. Even the smaller Barbie Conventions in Germany are not cheap. At least that was my experience when I visited the Barbie Convention in Hamburg, Germany in 2010. It was nice but the dolls were very expensive but to come back to our point the big annual Barbie Convention in the USA … here are some pics that are amazing and we can even enjoy them without spending money.

I hope you like them. The conventions take place every year in another place in the USA. A doll club is every year the host of this event. There is of course more than one convention every year. We also have some smaller ones here in Europe but special Barbie dolls are not made for them anymore. In the 1990s there were several special Barbie dolls even made for these events. Sometimes you see them here and there on ebay or in shops.