No blog posts for more than 2 months?

I know I neglected my blog in the last months a bit because of holiday, visitors and time consuming video projects. I’m really sorry for that but sometimes this is life.

You can’t predict what the next day will bring you and you don’t know what kind of surprises to expect the next day. I hope to have a bit more time to blog in the next weeks and I hope that I can at least write one blog post a week. Sometimes that’s a challenge but nothing about a good challenge.

Now it seems that Corona is getting back we probably have more time that we expect to have it now when we will have the next lockdown. I don’t want to predict here anything but in Austria they started another lockdown from today on.

This is not really funny anymore because the measurements don’t seem to work here vaccinated or not.

Anyway I don’t want to complain but I want to write here more than in the last weeks. I hope that’s at least a start here.