The Native Spirit collection Barbie dolls

From my early times as a collector I knew that hunting for dolls was always very exciting. You never knew what you would find in the single toy shop back in the times before internet. I guess some of you remember these times. Me too. Belonging to the last generation that went to department stores and shopping malls for purchases it’s possibly hard to believe that this was not even 25 years ago.

I don’t know how it is in other parts of the world but in Germany the department stores and shopping mall owners made one big mistake so that even all the companies where you could order via catalog disappeared within a short period of time. They missed the opportunity to sell online. They simply did not want to update to the latest technique. Their product range became overpriced and they did refuse to adapt to the market situation. That’s also true for toys and toy shops. Toys R us was in Europe also one of the toy shops with a very late online presence and you had no possibility to shop online. If I had had the opportunity to buy all of these dolls online while they came out.

Of course I did not have the opportunity and so I had to wait until somebody offered the Native Spirit Collection Barbie dolls to me. At first I had only one, the Spirit of the Water Barbie for a long time. An eternity later the other two, the Spirit of the Earth Barbie and the Spirit of the Sky Barbie were offered to me and I bought them.

At the end I think it would have been easier if I had the chance to buy them online. Nevertheless they are wonderful dolls and I thought this is a good opportunity to present them to you.