News from my workshop

I was very busy in the last weeks but now I take the time to show you some new ideas from my workshop. Here they come…

Ken reroot

Back of Ken, he was short-haired when I got him

Bavarian hairdo, 19th century, front side

Bavarian hairdo, back side

Hairdo inspired from Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe inspired hairdo, front side

Eastern Europe inspired hairdo, back side

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all my collector friends !!!

Happy Holidays Barbie 1997

16 years of Barbie collecting

In these days I celebrate my 16th Barbie collecting anniversary. I begann to collect at the end of 1996. Now we have the year 2012.

Barbie in India

Let’s make a trip to India today. I would like to introduce you to our travel companion. She’s from India. LEO Company,the franchisee from Mattel in India, produced this doll in 1993 or 1994. When you have a look at the eyes you see that they are quite different from the Barbie dolls released in the western civilisation. Also very extraordinary is the ear jewellery. It’s made of metal with enamel. I have never seen this on any Barbie doll before. The ring is also made of metal. The pattern for the ring was also used for many other dolls released in the western civilisation but they were always made of plastic.

I hope you enjoy the pics. She’s my nr. 5 in Indian Barbie dolls. I wish they would be easier to be found.

Barbie in India

Barbie in India

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