Quick update, my Superstar #1 is complete now

Yesterday the missing pieces from my Superstar #1 Barbie arrived. Now she’s complete with dress, ring, earrings, necklace, boa and her shoes.

Here a little comparison when she arrived…

Superstar #1 Babie cc

and that’s how she looks now…

Superstar Barbie in cc

Superstar Barbie

Superstar Barbie

My X-mas present …

has finally arrived and here it is. It’s the new Brazilian Banana Bonanza Barbie.

Brazilian Banana Bonanza Barbie

Brazilian Banana Bonanza Barbie

Brazilian Banana Bonanza Barbie

Bathtime Fun Kelly – one set, two issues

Today I have the chance to show you two versions, an early Kelly and a late one from one set produced by Mattel in the mid 1990s. I had the idea that there are two versions of one doll but I only owned the early version. In December I found the late version with the pink border ( bathing gown and towel) and canecalon hair. The early version has the yellow border (bathing gown and towel) and saran hair ( much shinier and easier to comb).

So here you can see that there are indeed two versions….

The two versions togehter

Shelly/Kelly with saran hair

Shelly/Kelly with saran hair, bathtube, towel and bathing gown and the yellow border

Shelly/Kelly with canecalon hair (late version) that comes with a pink border

A closer look at the late version, the hair is much brighter than the one from the early version but not as shiny as the one from the early version

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