A new dog for my Barbie dolls

I recently got a new dog for my collection. It’s a poodle from the 1980s (approx. 1984). The dog did not come with all accessories but I thought he was cute enough to give him a new home. In Europe he was called MyLord or simply Lord. In the US he was called Prince.  Now I can sometimes hear a woof in my showcase and maybe I’ll be lucky  and find the rest of his accessories in the future.

Poodle Lord

Poodle MyLord

A link to important facts a Barbie Collector should know

Here’s a link especially useful when you can’t differentiate between the several hand forms Mattel produced in the 1960s and early 1970s. Here’s the link itself  http://www.marcdolls.ch/engbarbiemarkierung.html. I think it is useful because I have myself difficulties to distinguish them.

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