Why did I neglect my blog in the last months?

I like to talk about my collection. I have been a collector for more than 20 years now and I collect what I like. Collecting is a very personal thing. You always have things that you like and things you don’t do. Some time ago I tried to expand my possibilities. With photos you can’t show everything. I taught myself to be a Barbie doc and like to show other collectors how to – manuals. Some things are really easy. You can do them yourself but how can you document these ideas with pics?

Good idea – but with photos only imposible. So I started a little channel on youtube. I do a new video every week. The topics vary. I hope that I can share my knowledge with you and I don’t want to hurt anyone. This is my new channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUnMbcQlqxxcBbb4r9tqDTg 

Just leave a comment in my videos if you want specific topics.

One of my latest OOAK-Projects

Here is my latest OOAK -Project. I reflocked another Ken. I didn’t take any pics of my first Ken but this time I took pics. The Ken was totally bold and had no flocking material on his head anymore. I think the original colour changed a bit and became darker within the decades since he was produced.

Comparision of the colours (the right one was my first reflocked Ken)

When I finished my reflocking process he looked like this…

After the treatment..

and now they look like twins.

My first reflocked Ken

Last week I tried something new. Last summer I got a Nr.1 Ken. He was bold and had lost all his hair. I felt sorry for him and decided to reflock his head. Here’s the result. I think it’s not bad for the first time.






Another repaired Talking Barbie

I recently found the time to finish another repair. I think I got her two years ago but somehow I forgot that I had prepaired everything last summer. I only needed legs and I found them two months ago. So here she is… a nape curl Talking Barbie repaired to speak. This was my first repaired Talking Barbie doll. I already have repaired a Talking PJ and a Talking Truly.



A short intermediate result

I want to show you the intermediate result that I reached so far. My Ooak project Barbie got a new body within the last 6 weeks and she had an appointment with me for her bangs. I hope you can see that the next step is a repaint of the eyebrows.


A new Ooak-Project

Here’s a little insight in my latest One-of-a-kind project. It combine a reroot in two colours and a partial repaint. The doll also needed a new body. I was looking for a new body for approx 6 weeks.

So far the doll got new hair and her final hairdo.



The body is not the correct one. I’m still waiting for the correct body but I found one in the meantime. More pic to follow…