The great fashions of the 20th century barbie dolls

I know that I have never written about this series before here but I’m going to change it now. One of my favorite series of the early years of my collecting time are “ Great fashions of the 20th century“, a series started in 1998 and ended in 2001 with 7 wonderful dolls.

At the time this series came out my passion for fashions of past decades and centuries already existed. I think fashion has never changed that fast as it did in the 20th century. Modern production technology and updated methods made the production of clothes and fashion possible. A century earlier it would not have been possible and the costs have been much higher. Throw away fashion like it exists today would have been completely impossible 200 years ago due to production costs. High costs prevented to have a huge wardrobe full of fashion. Only rich people were able to buy huge amount of fabrics.

Nevertheless production technology made it possible to make trends and to wear what the riches wore even when you were not rich. Mass production made fashion possible. You can see it in every single day how much the fashions changed in the last century. In the 21rst century we don’t have such radical changes anymore. Defining a typical outfit from the 2010s would really be hard.

What would you define as such an outfit? At least we have defined decades from the 20th century and now let’s enjoy them in a short video.

The only disadvantage that I see in this series is that it suddenly stops in the 1970s. No 1980s and no 1990s Barbie doll was available. What do you think about the missing dolls?

After Five! Really after five?

It is said that in the time when this dress was made you dressed in a dress you wore after five when it was over five o’clock. Really? Sometimes I wonder how often the dressed and undressed themselves in the time. I know that I don’t have the time to dress and undress all the time because I’m at work usually and come home around 5 p.m. Anyway, I liked the Vintage After Five ensemble ever since I found out that it was made. Recently I got a my version but it’s not in the best condition. A button is missing and there are some holes in the dress but I’don’t want to complain. It has less holes than the Enchanted Evening I showed you last week. I plan to do my own copy this summer … I know a long time but I have another sewing project coming up but I’m still waiting for the fabric. So here’s the real After Five and stay tuned in for some new project in the future.


Fashion Avenue dress


Today I gonna open my treasure chest again because I have received a new fashion that I would like to show you.  The fashion is from 1996.  The item number is Asst. 14307.  It is a party dress for the evening with a lot of glamour. The dress is made of a bell-bottomed black skirt with valance and a silver sparkling strapless top.  Accompanied by a pink bolero and a pink purse reflects this outfit the taste of the mid 1990s.

My Shelly/Kelly fashion show

In the last weeks there weren’t much news to tell. I decided to show the fashions for the little Baby sister Kelly (in Europe and Canada known as Shelly) from Barbie that I collected in the first years when Shelly/Kelly was available. Most of them were sets with two fashions and accessoires and only one pair of shoes. In 1996 Mattel decided to offer fashion sets with two fashions in the same style, one for Barbie and a smaller one for Kelly/Shelly. Since I liked them I bought them back then. The little Kellys you see in the pictures are only two from a lot of Kelly dolls in my collection. Of course I stil have the accessoires for the outfits but to make it a bit easier I left them in the box where I store my dolls.The first Susie and the first Melody

Bath Fun Shelly/Kelly/Bade Spaß Shelly(1995)

A closer look at Bath Fun Shelly

The first two summer fashions ever released

The very first two party outfits

The second edition of party outfits

The first Susie and the first Melody

Shopping Fun Barbie & Kelly / Einkaufsspaß Barbie & Shelly (1997)

the second edition of summer outfits

The very first school outfits (although Shelly is 3 years old)

school ouftits

The very first holiday outfits

Holiday outfits

the first winter outfits

The very first night-fashion for Shelly (see the "K" for Kelly on her dressing gown)

The very first night-fashion

The first Susie and the first MelodyOutfit for a rainy day in autumn

The first Susie and the first Melody

The first Susie and the first Melody

2 from 4 Toys R Us fashions from 1996

The other two Toys R Us fashions

The other two fashions

2 fashions for Kelly from 2004

Shopping Fun Kelly shown in the first Becky outfit

Strollin' Fun Kelly

Potty Training Kelly/Geh aufs Töpfchen Shelly from 1997

The first Chelsie from 1996

Matchin’ Style Fashion Show – the first four fashions

In the last weeks I was searching for my Kelly/Shelly Fashion that I bought between 1995 and 1997. Here I want you to show the first four fashions with an outfit for Barbie and the same outfit in smaller size for Shelly. There were more outfits to buy in the following years but I didn’t know how much exactly. I think there were 12 outfits in general. Here are my first four fashions. My Models are the Shopping Fun Barbie and Shelly. Of course I still have the shoes but I lent them to other Barbies without shoes.

Shopping Fun together

Shopping Fun

Theater date

Theater date

Winter Fun/Jeans Fun

Winter Fun/Jeans Fun

Baseball Game

Baseball Game