One of my Superstar-Reroots

I haven’t posted very much in the last weeks. Now I’m going to change this. I wanted to show you one of my Superstar-Reroots. I did in 2012 I think. I ‘m a fan of  red haired Barbie dolls but in 1977 there were no red haired Superstars and I wondered what she would look like. And here is my result.

Superstar Reroot

Superstar Reroot

Superstar Reroot in red

Superstar Reroot

I have chosen a color called “Oxided Julia” for my reroot that had pink streaks in the red hair. I don’t think it has anything in common with the Color Magic Hair that was used for Julia in the late 1960s but I saw that it tended to turn from black  into a reddish tone. For the hair style I chose rope braids. They are easy  but you have lots of possibilities to work with them. The dress is a Best Buy dress from the late 1970s. I saw it and I thought it would match perfectly.

Holiday 2013 Barbie

Today I gonna open my treasure chest again and present you my new Holiday 2013 Barbie doll. I just received her two days ago.  Hope you enjoy the pics although Christmas is over already.

Holiday 2013 Barbie has a silver dress with white application

Holiday 2013 Barbie (Close up, she has no real eyelashes)

Holiday 2013 Barbie has a doll stand included.

She is the 32nd Holiday Barbie in my collection, which also includes Variations of Holiday Barbie doll with different hair colours.