The Elusive Quest for the Perfect Ken Doll: A Collector’s Dilemma


Collecting dolls is a passion that brings joy to many enthusiasts around the world. Whether it’s Barbie dolls, action figures, or rare collectibles, the hunt for that one missing piece can be both thrilling and frustrating. In this blog article, we will explore the common experience collectors face when they think they have found the perfect Ken doll, only to have it slip through their fingers at the last moment.

The Anticipation: The Perfect Ken

As a doll collector, you understand the excitement that comes with finding a specific doll you’ve been searching for. The anticipation builds up, imagining all the possibilities of showcasing it in your collection or featuring it in your next video. The thrill of finally getting your hands on that elusive Ken doll is unparalleled.

Perfect Ken rotated
Perfect Ken?

The Disappointment:

However, the unfortunate reality is that sometimes, even after finding what seems to be the perfect Ken doll, things don’t go as planned. The seller, who initially appeared responsive and eager to make the sale, suddenly becomes unresponsive. This unexpected turn of events can leave collectors feeling disappointed and frustrated. What to do in this situation?

The Collector’s Dilemma:

This scenario is not uncommon among collectors who actively hunt for rare and sought-after items. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, from the initial exhilaration of finding the doll to the heart-wrenching disappointment when the seller disappears. The collector is left wondering what to do next, how to fill the void that was created by the lost opportunity.

Maybe the collector is wondering what went wrong. In some cases it’s good when the seller is not responding. You have often scammers especially when the perfect Ken or Barbie is hard to find. Using stolen pictures for their offers is a common problem collectors talk about again and again. Of course you can use marketplaces like ebay or less known ones for your dolls but usually the offers are overpriced.

Martime Ken rotated
Maritime Ken, a perfect Ken?

In moments like these, it’s important for collectors to take a step back and evaluate their options. Here are a few suggestions on how to deal with the situation:

1. Patience is key: Give the seller some time to respond. They might have encountered unexpected circumstances that are preventing them from getting back to you promptly. Remember, everyone has their own schedule and commitments.

2. Communication is crucial: Reach out to the seller again, expressing your continued interest in the Ken doll. Politely inquire about the delay in communication and ask if there are any updates regarding the sale. Clear and respectful communication can often help resolve issues.

Day to night Ken rotated
Day to Night Ken, a perfect Ken?

3. Explore alternative sources: While it’s disappointing when a potential purchase falls through, it’s important not to lose hope. Keep searching through different platforms, such as online marketplaces, auction sites, or even local toy stores. Persistence can pay off in the end.

4. Connect with fellow collectors: Engaging with other collectors who share your passion can provide a sense of support and understanding. They might have valuable insights, suggestions, or even connections that could assist you in finding the Ken doll you desire.


The journey of a collector is filled with highs and lows, and the experience of finding a Ken doll only to have it slip away is a common occurrence. Patience, communication, and perseverance are essential when facing such situations. Remember, the joy of collecting lies not only in the acquisition of the dolls but also in the thrill of the chase. So, keep searching, and who knows, the perfect Ken doll might just be waiting around the corner, ready to join your collection. If you want to read more about Ken read here or

Butterfly Prince Ken rotated
Butterfly Prince Ken in Sea Holiday Ken outfit, a perfect Ken?

My first reflocked Ken

Last week I tried something new. Last summer I got a Nr.1 Ken. He was bold and had lost all his hair. I felt sorry for him and decided to reflock his head. Here’s the result. I think it’s not bad for the first time.