Christmas time is when wishes come true

I had a lot to do in the last weeks and I haven’t bought very much new Barbie dolls. I recently found this one and I thought she would fit perfectly in my collection. I always wanted her but in the last year she was hard to find here in good old Europe. Anyway I thought she would be the perfect X-mas present for myself. And here she comes … my Grand Premiere Barbie doll.



She was the first Barbie doll released for the Official Barbie Collectors Club back in 1996. I like the late Superstar Era very much since all my childhood dolls were released in the 1990s. In my opinion this face is one of the most beautiful faces that I have ever seen. It’s no question that it’s my own personal taste. I like simple dresses when the pattern is good.

Noir et Blanc Barbie

Today I wanna show you another one of my favorite Barbie dolls. She’ s called Noir et Blanc Barbie. In 2003 when she was released, she was a Barbie Club exclusive. Fortunately she was also availabe at several Barbie dealers and so I got the chance to buy her. I like her extraordinary black and white dress.  She also wears a black and a white shoe. I wish more such extraordinary Barbie dolls would be available today.

Noir et blanc Barbie doll

Noir et blanc Barbie doll

Noir et blanc Barbie doll