The Insider’s Guide to Takara

Have you heard about Takara yet? Probably not. Do you know that they are Japanese toy makers? Probably not. Why the hell am I asking you so much questions? Well, I like to teach and discover the world. So, if you have no idea what Barbie and Takara have in common, watch my video.

and if you want to know more about the Japanese doll craziness, watch this episode of Japanology.

And here’s a short commercial about Takara from the early 1980s.


Festival Barbie

In the last weeks I found one of the Festival Barbies produced for the 35th Anniversary of Barbie in the year 1994. I can’t say how lucky I feel to own one of them. For me she is a typical representant of the early 1990s with her hair, her dress and the whole aura.

35t Anniversary Festival Barbie

35th Anniversary Festival Barbie

35th Anniversary Festival Barbie