The biggest annual Barbie Convention in the USA took place

I think by the end of the last week I saw the first pics from the biggest annual Barbie Convention that took place in Kansas City, Missouri this year. I wish I could go to one of these big Barbie USA Conventions too but at the moment it’s way too expensive to fly over the Atlantic Ocean, stay there for a week ( a longer trip would probably be cheaper) and buy Barbie dolls. Even the smaller Barbie Conventions in Germany are not cheap. At least that was my experience when I visited the Barbie Convention in Hamburg, Germany in 2010. It was nice but the dolls were very expensive but to come back to our point the big annual Barbie Convention in the USA … here are some pics that are amazing and we can even enjoy them without spending money.

I hope you like them. The conventions take place every year in another place in the USA. A doll club is every year the host of this event. There is of course more than one convention every year. We also have some smaller ones here in Europe but special Barbie dolls are not made for them anymore. In the 1990s there were several special Barbie dolls even made for these events. Sometimes you see them here and there on ebay or in shops.