New Books Celebrate Barbie’s 65th Birthday


Barbie, the iconic fashion doll, is turning 65 years old this year! To commemorate this milestone, two new books have recently been released that delve into the world of pink and provide some fascinating insights into her history, influence, and collector appeal.

Barbie: Her Inspiration, History, and Legacy

The first book, titled “Barbie: Her Inspiration, History, and Legacy,” offers a comprehensive overview of the life and legacy of our favorite doll. From her humble beginnings as a Mattel toy in 1959 to her diverse range of career aspirations and evolving fashion sense, this book explores the profound impact she has had on popular culture and society. Even the movie from 2023 is mentioned in the book and got its own chapter. My experience with the movie can be read here Barbie – the movie and tickets for a pre-premiere and here Barbie: A Journey From Perfect World to Real Emotions.

Having not read it yet it seems that this book is an updated version of the Barbie Forever – Her inspiration, history and legacy. So if you have the Forever version I’m not sure if this book is really interesting for you but I will check and read and let you know.

Barbie Forever Robin Gerber rotated
Barbie Forever by Robin Gerber from 2019

The History Of Barbie Doll Collecting And Other Barbie Intrigue

The second book, “The History Of Barbie Doll Collecting And Other Barbie Intrigue,” dives into the world of Barbie collectibles. From rare vintage dolls to limited editions and designer collaborations, this book provides a fascinating glimpse into the fascinating world of fashion doll collectors. It also delves into the various controversies and controversies surrounding this cult doll, including body image and feminism. For a better overview you can see my latest video where I tell you more about my thoughts about this book.

The Evolution of Barbie

Both books shed light on the evolution of our she-ro, from her early days as a stylish teenage doll to the diverse range of characters she has become today. From princesses to veterinarians, our favorite doll has captivated the imaginations of children and adult collectors alike.

Impact on Society

Beyond her fashion sense and collector appeal, she has also had a significant impact on society. Both books explore her role in promoting diversity and inclusivity, as well as her influence on girls’ self-esteem and aspirations.

Doll Couture: Creating Custom Clothes Featuring the Story of Lola

Recently, a new book was released that, while not directly about the iconic fashion doll with six letters, focuses on the design of vintage fashion doll clothes for 11 1/2 inch dolls. This book is a valuable resource for anyone interested in sewing and creating their own doll clothes. It fits thematically with fashion doll enthusiasts and is a fantastic addition to your collection if you love crafting and learning new techniques for doll clothing design. Don’t miss out on this excellent guide to vintage doll fashion! If you want to see a short review, you are welcome to check out this video

The History of Barbie Doll Collecting and other Barbie Intrigue

A third book, maybe not in the most conventional style written was published by Bob Young several months ago. This book is very interesting since you learn a lot about the women who started the whole hobby of Barbie collecting. It’s a very thick book with a lot of photos. I’ve started to read the book but I have not completely finished it yet. It’s a very thick book and my goal is to read at least 3 pages every day.

What I liked about this book is that you got an insight about the many names of the women who started the magazines, the early newsletters and Barbie conventions in the USA. For me as a European it’s very expensive to fly and take part in any convention overseas but the book gives you the chance to get to know the important people. One thing I can say even if I have not finished it yet, it’s very entertaining and I have to read only 250 pages from 350 pages to finish it but really appreciate it.

Barbie book
The History of Barbie Doll Collecting by Bob Young


As our favorite doll celebrates her 65th birthday this year, these two new books offer a fascinating glimpse into the history, influence, and collector appeal of the iconic fashion doll. Whether you’re a lifelong fan or simply curious about the cultural phenomenon that this doll is , these books provide an entertaining and informative read.

Barbie: A Journey From Perfect World to Real Emotions

Introduction to Barbie the movie: A Journey From Perfect World to Real Emotions

Last night, I had the opportunity to attend the pre-premiere of the much-anticipated Barbie, the movie at our local cinema. Can we consider it as a journey from the perfect world to real emotions ? As I walked into the theater, I was taken aback by the overwhelming crowd that had gathered for the screening. It seemed that the allure of Barbie had drawn in more visitors than anyone had anticipated. Excitement filled the air as the lights dimmed, and the movie began.

IMG 20230719 201811 1
Local cinema just minutes before the premiere

The Beginning – a perfect Barbie world?:

The movie opened with scenes already known from the trailer, giving us a glimpse into the magical and perfect world of Barbie. The visuals were stunning, showcasing a perfect Barbie land where every day was filled with joy and happiness. It was a world that many of us could only dream of. The attention to detail was remarkable, and it immediately captured the audience’s attention.

Barbie’s Owner and Real Emotions:

In the real world, Barbie’s owner was a young girl who loved her dearly. She played with Barbie, creating scenes and stories that brought her imagination to life. However, as the movie progressed, it became evident that the young girl had turned in a woman in her mid 40s who was feeling a sense of sadness in her real life. She mirrored the same emotions that Barbie seemed to experience in her perfect world which suddenly was not perfect anymore.

The Perfect World Shattered:

Unexpectedly, the perfect world that Barbie inhabited began to crumble. As Barbie’s owner faced challenges and hardships, Barbie could no longer ignore the real emotions that were surfacing within her. The once idyllic Barbie land was transformed into a world of chaos and uncertainty. It was a pivotal moment in the movie, as Barbie realized that she needed to venture into the real world to find healing and a deeper understanding of herself.

Barbie’s Journey to the Real World:

With determination in her eyes, Barbie made the courageous decision to leave her perfect world behind and embark on a journey into the real world. This marked a significant turning point in the movie, as Barbie stepped out of her comfort zone and embraced the challenges that awaited her. Ken smuggled himself into her pink car and joined her on the trip to the real world. The audience was captivated by the transformation that Barbie underwent, as she navigated the complexities of the real world with grace and resilience.

Ken caused chaos in Barbie’s perfect world and caused real emotions

Ken also discovered the real world in his own way. Finding the masculine world more than enticing he tried to import horses and patriarchy into the Barbie world with the idea to dominate it. After realizing that Ken wanted to take over Barbieland Barbie travels back with the Barbie owner that made her feel sad and her daughter to save the Barbie world from Ken.


The Barbie movie, while having a somewhat trashy storyline, managed to strike a chord with the audience. It highlighted the importance of acknowledging and embracing our true emotions, even if they are not always pleasant. Barbie’s journey from her perfect world to the real world served as a reminder that healing and growth often come from stepping outside of our comfort zones.

As the credits rolled, the crowded cinema erupted with applause, a testament to the impact that Barbie had on the audience. Despite its flaws, the movie succeeded in delivering a powerful message of self-discovery and resilience. It left the viewers reflecting on their own lives, inspired to embrace their emotions and embark on their own journeys of healing. The secret hero in this play is however Allan.

In my opinion it’s also beneficial to know the characters from the 1960s until 1990s to understand the movie completely. Ruth Handler also appears as nice old lady living in the cellar of the Mattel headquarter. At the end we learn that Ruth was only a ghost since she died over two decades ago.

Keeping my promise – Barbie: A Journey from the perfect world to real emotions

In my first article about the movie which you can read here I promised to wear my Pinup Couture dress and bring a Ponytail Barbie with me to the cinema. In my wildest dreams I hoped to find a pink box like some of you may already have seen via Facebook. However our cinema had no such pink box for photos and we had to improvise for the photo.

IMG 20230719 222756 1
In our local cinema without the pink box

Everywhere Pink

What we experienced was a whole cinema full with people dresses in pink. My dress has also a little bit of pink in it but it’s not completely pink. Yesterday pink seemed not to be a matter of age, just what the visitors imagined when thinking of Barbie. Maybe I’m a little bit old fashioned but I think the pink is a bit narrow-minded since Barbie represents at least for me more the the color pink.

Barbie – the movie and tickets for a pre-premiere

Introduction – how Barbie – the movie made me curious

I decided short-term today to buy tickets to Barbie – the movie that will be aired in the cinemas in July 2023 after being undecided about it. Our local cinema offers a pre-premiere on July, 19th 8.00p.m. The tickets were just printed. I bought them by the end of June.

I’m surprised now what will expect us. Normally I’m no big fan of Barbie movies. As you probably know I grew up in the 90s and we had only cassette-tapes and radio plays of Barbie but no movies and no Barbie series in TV . What I don’t know is if these cassettes were also outside of Germany available in other foreign languages or not. For me Barbie had a voice but no appearance in any movie but in the catalogs that we got every six months for free from out toy stores with the wonderful name of “Barbie Journal”. I have already written about this in the past and I’m pretty sure I already reported about it in one of my videos.

Barbie graphic
The most important facts I found for Barbie – the movie

Some facts we already knew before seeing Barbie – the movie

We already learned that the first dolls from the movie are already available online but in my opinion it’s too expensive for what this will offer. The car could be interesting but this is also way too expensive from what I have seen and no we have no Walmart around the corner. I have also seen some trailers of the movie. Let’s see if I can link them here.

I admit I had to laugh when I saw it. Somehow the trailer was in its own style funny. Maybe we see some great 90s outfits? In a deep corner of my childhood “Me” I’m surprised what this movie will offer. Will it be a joy of creativity and met my expectations or will it just be a trashy movie of a fashion doll that was the best sold fashion dolls by the end of the 1990s? Who knows? I will see the movie and tell you right after having it seen. By the way there are some other trailers available. The “B” in the movie poster is the one that was used from 1977 until 1991. Maybe this is also an aspect that made feel deep inside curious about this movie.

A cinema visit with my very own way to pay tribute to Barbie

Here’s my crazy idea what to wear for the cinema. I have a lot of retro cut 50s inspired dresses like this one from Pinup Couture. Pinup Couture is cutting very small but I had the luck to find an unused Stella music dress last year that a professional tailor cut down to my size. So I have this wonderful music inspired dress that I love to wear and now I even have an occasion. Wanted to wear it for several weeks now. Instead of posting a pic of myself here I share a professional one that is done for promo reasons.

I also decided to put one of my Ponytail Barbie dolls, yeah the really old ones, in a box and take her with me to the cinema for making a pic in front of the ad we will surely find in the cinema. By the way this is an idea of my boyfriend.

Time to wait and go to the premiere of Barbie – the movie ! Until then! Have lots of fun. I will write a short blog post after the visit. Read about the visit in the cinema in this article Barbie: A Journey From Perfect World to Real Emotions