Differences in the Movie Date dress (Mattel) and Cream Puff dress (Fab Lu), a good copy of the Movie Date

Last week I found a Vintage Movie Date dress. Barbie Movie Date dress

It might not sound very special but here’s the story why I write about the dress. In summer 2017 I got a Vintage dress (Barbie Vintage era 1959 – 1966). I thought I had bought the Movie Date dress but in reality I hadn’t. I needed several months to find out that my dress without any label was made by Fab Lu. It got the name Cream Puff. The design of the Cream Puff is very similar to the Movie Date. The only difference is in the processing of the seams, the wideness of the stripes and the colour of the stripes.

Cream Puff looks like this…

Fab Lu Cream Puff

and here you can see the difference of the seams… the Fab Lu seam is normal, not special but in comparison to this seam the Movie Date seam is very different but very Mattel-like. I have seen the Mattel seams in very different outfits but all in the same way done.

Fab Lu Cream Puff seam

Vintage Movie Date dress

At first sight and without both dresses it’s very hard to see the difference. That was my problem too. I hope I can help you with my information.


Let’s dance … a new dress

Last year I wanted to buy a Let’s dance Vintage Barbie dress but most of the sellers refused to ship to Europe. So what kind of idea came into my mind? If I can’t buy one, why not do my own copy? I found a seller who recreated the pattern and bought it.

Two weeks ago I was able to start my work and within a few days I had my own version. It’s very similar in comparison to the real Let’s dance Vintage dress. Here are some pics of my version…

IMG 4324 e1509194453303

IMG 4325

Finally I found the real Let’s Dance. Another collector from Europe had one left over.

IMG 4353

IMG 4354

Time for Fashion Avenue … or what the hell is Fashion Avenue?

I got two new dresses last week. It’s summer and I didn’t find much new stuff for my dolls. This time I want to tell you about Fashion Avenue because the dresses came out under the label of Fashion Avenue. Fashion Avenue is a fashion line from Barbie which run from the 1990s until 2002. The quality was very good. You really got something for your money. Accidentally I found these two dresses. I always liked them but I found them to be too expensive in nrfp (never removed from package) condition. The fashions are not complete but I didn’t care about it at the moment. The blue dress seems to be very hard to find. I tried to find it via ebay but I had no success.

Fashion Avenue dresses

Fashion Avenue

I hope you can see the lovely rose on the seam of the blue dress. Very lovely!!! I already have a doll for this dress in my mind but she still needs a new body.

There’s a good page where you can see all the Fashion Avenue Fashions from the begin til 2002. Here’s the link Fashion Avenue . I hope you enjoy the page as much as I do.

Fashion Avenue dress


Today I gonna open my treasure chest again because I have received a new fashion that I would like to show you.  The fashion is from 1996.  The item number is Asst. 14307.  It is a party dress for the evening with a lot of glamour. The dress is made of a bell-bottomed black skirt with valance and a silver sparkling strapless top.  Accompanied by a pink bolero and a pink purse reflects this outfit the taste of the mid 1990s.

Here comes the bride!!!!

Before I gonna start this article I admit I love to collect Barbie doll brides. I don’t know how much brides I have in my collection at the moment but I have lots of brides. I think they look perfect. Every doll is unique but has its very own style. Today I gonna introduce a small but nice series called the Bridal Collection. This series contains three dolls.

Bridal Collection

I think the series started in 2000 and ended in 2002. The one on the left was deboxed for several years but I had to put her in her box again when I moved three years ago. Somehow the she reminds me of Julia Roberts in “Runaway Bride”. The dress is very similar and it’s very overhanging but you can’t see this when the doll was never removed from its box.

Milennium Wedding

The second one was the last one missing in my collection. I think I got her in 2008.  The design is very interesting although I’m personally not the biggest fan of romantic wedding dresses but I think it’s suitable for Barbie.

Romantic Wedding

The third and last one somehow reminds me of the wedding dress that Queen Maxima from the Netherlands wore at her wedding. Maybe it’s because of the train? Sophisticated Wedding

Anyway, I like the design of this dress too because it’s different from the others. I wish the series would have contained more than 3 dolls.