The great fashions of the 20th century barbie dolls

I know that I have never written about this series before here but I’m going to change it now. One of my favorite series of the early years of my collecting time are “ Great fashions of the 20th century“, a series started in 1998 and ended in 2001 with 7 wonderful dolls.

At the time this series came out my passion for fashions of past decades and centuries already existed. I think fashion has never changed that fast as it did in the 20th century. Modern production technology and updated methods made the production of clothes and fashion possible. A century earlier it would not have been possible and the costs have been much higher. Throw away fashion like it exists today would have been completely impossible 200 years ago due to production costs. High costs prevented to have a huge wardrobe full of fashion. Only rich people were able to buy huge amount of fabrics.

Nevertheless production technology made it possible to make trends and to wear what the riches wore even when you were not rich. Mass production made fashion possible. You can see it in every single day how much the fashions changed in the last century. In the 21rst century we don’t have such radical changes anymore. Defining a typical outfit from the 2010s would really be hard.

What would you define as such an outfit? At least we have defined decades from the 20th century and now let’s enjoy them in a short video.

The only disadvantage that I see in this series is that it suddenly stops in the 1970s. No 1980s and no 1990s Barbie doll was available. What do you think about the missing dolls?