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Wannabe restorers

I’m back from my vacation and want to talk to you about a serious topic. Again I heard from a case of bad work. I can only warn you. When you want somebody to restore something for your collection, check at least twice. You can never be careful enough. The best advice I can give you is to inform yourself how things are done and then ask the concerning person questions how to do this or that. Then you might be able to check if he/she understands the work. When I’m asked for advice I always tell people that there is a risk when you restore something. You don’t know how things were stored from the owner. The material doesn’t tell from the first sight. Of course the material can change and you don’t know it. It’s always your risk when you restore something.

Concerning a reroot it looks like this…

If the restorer tells you that big holes in the head are normal, think about asking another person to do it.


My latest Ooak

I’m not the one who like to sit on a sofa and do nothing. I used the winter to finish my latest project. Instead of pics I did a video for you. So here it is….

Hope you like it.

Overview over my last finished projects

I wanted to show you my finished projects two weeks ago but I had not very much time to post. So here are my finished projects from 2015.  Last month I finally found two bodies for finished heads.

So here are … a fish tail and a braid crown.







Another finished project

In the last months I was lucky enough to find a body for one of my rerooted heads. I rerooted the head approx. 2 years ago. I know a long time…and I had almost forgotten my head. I did another reroot in the last months and then I found my project again. At first I was unsure what kind of body to use for my project. Finally I decided to use a Cool Colours Barbie body. Here’s the result. Hope you like.


My finished Ooak project

Today I finished my Ooak project. In March I got a Kira/Marina head with a haircut. Somehow she was cute and I decided to restore her. The first step was to remove the hair and give her new hair. I decided for black and pink because I wanted to do a reroot in two colours. I wanted to do a very elegant hair style for her long hair and decided to do the “Arwen”-hairstyle with 9 strands that was not shown in LOTR(Lord of the Rings).  Then she needed a new body. Her body was broken. During her hairstyling I was looking for a new body and by the end of May I finally found one. When she had a new body I was able to restyle her bangs. You need a body when you want a short pony.

When her hairstyle was finally finished I started to repaint the eyebrows. 50% of the colour was gone. So I repainted the brows and had to wait several weeks for stains that appeared in the repainting process. I used a cream to bleach them. They were gone last Thursday.

Yesterday I started the final styling of her bangs and finished it today. Then she got her jewelry, earrings and a ring.

I wanted to make her look like a mixture from 80s and 90s so that she reminded me of my childhood with the giant bangs. Now she’s ready for her great entrance.

two tone Kira head

Close up from the head

My latest piece of art

The hairstyle

The bangs

The ensemble

And this is a pic of the head before I started to work.

The head before ... cut hair and 50% of the eyebrows are missing

The right head also got new hair in the meantime but this will be another Ooak project. I’m still looking for a new body. I’m going to show you more in my next post.

A new Ooak-Project

Here’s a little insight in my latest One-of-a-kind project. It combine a reroot in two colours and a partial repaint. The doll also needed a new body. I was looking for a new body for approx 6 weeks.

So far the doll got new hair and her final hairdo.



The body is not the correct one. I’m still waiting for the correct body but I found one in the meantime. More pic to follow…

One of my Superstar-Reroots

I haven’t posted very much in the last weeks. Now I’m going to change this. I wanted to show you one of my Superstar-Reroots. I did in 2012 I think. I ‘m a fan of  red haired Barbie dolls but in 1977 there were no red haired Superstars and I wondered what she would look like. And here is my result.

Superstar Reroot

Superstar Reroot

Superstar Reroot in red

Superstar Reroot

I have chosen a color called “Oxided Julia” for my reroot that had pink streaks in the red hair. I don’t think it has anything in common with the Color Magic Hair that was used for Julia in the late 1960s but I saw that it tended to turn from black  into a reddish tone. For the hair style I chose rope braids. They are easy  but you have lots of possibilities to work with them. The dress is a Best Buy dress from the late 1970s. I saw it and I thought it would match perfectly.

News from my workshop

I was very busy in the last weeks but now I take the time to show you some new ideas from my workshop. Here they come…

Ken reroot

Back of Ken, he was short-haired when I got him

Bavarian hairdo, 19th century, front side

Bavarian hairdo, back side

Hairdo inspired from Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe inspired hairdo, front side

Eastern Europe inspired hairdo, back side

More new rerooted Barbie dolls

Today I gonna open my Treasure Chest again. I hadn’t posted many articles in the last time. I was busy with several Barbie dolls and gave them a new look. Here  they come.

Birthday Fun Gift set Barbie

Birthday Fun Barbie Gift set, my first hairdo from 2000

German Standard Barbie from the 1970s in Live Action Barbie outfit

My little Hippie Girl

5th Anniversary Barbie from Portugal

She had a bold head when I got her

Now she's wearing the outfit "Gypsy Spirit" from 1970.

Skipper from the late 1980s came to me in September

Her hairdo was inspired by party-hairdos from the 1990s.

Her hair was just a mess and so I decided to give her new hair.

In her earlier life she was a gymnast Barbie doll.

Her hairdo was partly inspired by the Maiko and Geisha hairdos from Japan

I also put my own ideas into the traditional japanese hairstyle.

She was a Fashion Play Barbie doll in her earlier life.

I wanted to give her streaks  in a color fitting to her eye color.

Here she comes with a dress that I tailored about 10 years ago when I still was a Teenager.

The dress was inspired by the first Faberge Barbie doll. I really liked the blue dress.

The result of my fantasy was this dress with a real crioline in Barbie-size, gloves and long boots.

She's looking like a queen.

I hope you like the dress.

Here you can see the hat and the hairdo.

Here is a closer look at the hairdo.

Just finished a new reroot

Today I finished the Beauty Secrets Barbie doll that I found on the flea market several weeks ago. Her hair was in such a bad condition that I immediately decided to do a reroot. Last weekend I finally found the time to do it. So here is the result.

At first the middle parting

The most difficult part of the head

Middle part and right side is done.

Left side isn't done yet

After 80% or 85% of work

Left side isn't finished here.

Look at the result.

I used a two tone color.

I like it.

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