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Talking Barbie talks in Spanish

Last week I made a short post about Talking Barbie who is talking Swedish. Today I show you a video about the Spanish version. She is obviously repaired to talk but the quality is poor and the doll is talking a bit to fast. I’m not able to understand what she is saying although I speak Spanish. Anyway, here’s the video…

Talking Barbie

Several weeks ago I posted what Talking Barbie said in Japan. Now I have found out what she says in Sweden thanks to a Swedish collector.

Det är skoldags(=time to go to school)

Jag tycker om att vara finklädd (=I like to be nicely dressed)

Jag ska gå på party (=I´m going to a Party)

Kom så går vi och köper kläder (=Come on we will buy clothes)

She also says: Jag tycker om fina kläder, (=I like fine clothes).

How does a Barbie knee joint work?

For all who always wanted to know how a knee joint works but never damaged a Barbie doll to find it out, here is the result. (I already got the doll with the broken knee joint.) I haven’t  destroyed the doll myself.   I think the pics explain how the position is held and why we can bent the knee joint three times.

Talking Barbie repair – repair or not !? #barbierepair

While writing this post I think of another collector who told that she wanted to repair a Talking Barbie doll (from 1967, the ones with the pull string in the back)  but had no idea how to do it. She had no instruction, no parts for the repair itself and wanted every information for free. I gave her the advice not to repair the doll until she knows exactly what to do.

Later I got a message that she had opened the body but the parts were flying around.

This made me think. Maybe I’m overorganized but I study instructions how to repair things and order replacement parts before I do anything. Although the repair itself is not hard, the reassembly is a bit tricky. You have to test before you glue everything in,  you need the right kind of glue. No, you can’t use every glue. You need to know about the material of the body.  When I give this advice to anybody I know why I do it.  You also need a bit of technical understanding and manual skills.

I have repaired several Talking Barbie dolls and I know what I’m talking about. Here’s the last one I repaired.

I heard from other collectors with no instruction that they didn’t manage it.

#barbietreasurechest #barbierepair #talkingbarbie #howtorepairbarbie

Why did I neglect my blog in the last months?

I like to talk about my collection. I have been a collector for more than 20 years now and I collect what I like. Collecting is a very personal thing. You always have things that you like and things you don’t do. Some time ago I tried to expand my possibilities. With photos you can’t show everything. I taught myself to be a Barbie doc and like to show other collectors how to – manuals. Some things are really easy. You can do them yourself but how can you document these ideas with pics?

Good idea – but with photos only imposible. So I started a little channel on youtube. I do a new video every week. The topics vary. I hope that I can share my knowledge with you and I don’t want to hurt anyone. This is my new channel 

Just leave a comment in my videos if you want specific topics.

One of my latest OOAK-Projects

Here is my latest OOAK -Project. I reflocked another Ken. I didn’t take any pics of my first Ken but this time I took pics. The Ken was totally bold and had no flocking material on his head anymore. I think the original colour changed a bit and became darker within the decades since he was produced.

Comparision of the colours (the right one was my first reflocked Ken)

When I finished my reflocking process he looked like this…

After the treatment..

and now they look like twins.

My first reflocked Ken

Last week I tried something new. Last summer I got a Nr.1 Ken. He was bold and had lost all his hair. I felt sorry for him and decided to reflock his head. Here’s the result. I think it’s not bad for the first time.






Another repaired Talking Barbie

I recently found the time to finish another repair. I think I got her two years ago but somehow I forgot that I had prepaired everything last summer. I only needed legs and I found them two months ago. So here she is… a nape curl Talking Barbie repaired to speak. This was my first repaired Talking Barbie doll. I already have repaired a Talking PJ and a Talking Truly.



A short intermediate result

I want to show you the intermediate result that I reached so far. My Ooak project Barbie got a new body within the last 6 weeks and she had an appointment with me for her bangs. I hope you can see that the next step is a repaint of the eyebrows.


A new Ooak-Project

Here’s a little insight in my latest One-of-a-kind project. It combine a reroot in two colours and a partial repaint. The doll also needed a new body. I was looking for a new body for approx 6 weeks.

So far the doll got new hair and her final hairdo.



The body is not the correct one. I’m still waiting for the correct body but I found one in the meantime. More pic to follow…

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