A flat tire, a computer forgetting its graphic driver and over 700 subscribers

I know this sounds weird but my last two weeks were very strange. After updating my Windows 10 on my main PC the graphic card was not able to work properly anymore. I know this sounds strange but the look is so awful now that I can’t work on my PC at the moment. The problem with NVidia and Windows 10 seems to be a real problem since the last update of Microsoft. I hope they’ll fix it to. For cutting videos this is not good but we found a solution. I now work on another PC running Windows 8. There’s no such problem with the graphic driver but I hope that we can fix the problem too. So I’m really glad that I bought an external drive for my video files. It’s small, easy and transportable.

If that would not be enough for one week I had a flat tire on my bike last week Tuesday after work with no tool to repair it immediately. So I cycled to the next bike workshop but they refused to help. I had to cycle with my flat tire through the city to the other end of it just to get my flat tire fixed. Due to the Windows thing I was late with my video and the tire even delayed my time-schedule. The good thing was that I got help immediately in the second workshop and 30 minutes later I could finally cycle home. That’s how I got an unplanned bike trip.

After working constantly on new videos I suddenly hit the 700 subscriber mark this week. I didn’t expect it to happen so soon but it really happened. I don’t really know what to say but thank you. A 700 subscriber video will follow soon. Let’s cross fingers that I can fix the PC problem soon.