Cut & Style Barbie ( also known as Superschnitt Barbie)
March 9, 2012 Playline Barbie

Today I wanna show you my four Cut & Style Barbies fom 1994. The dolls were made for the Playline-market but nowadays collectors are also interested in them. Many of them had them in their childhood. I also belong to the ones who had one of them in their childhood. Today I like all of them. Each one is special in her own way but earlier I was only interested in the blonde Barbie doll with the pink dress. I’m happy to have the whole series.

Cut & Style Barbie dolls

blonde & black haired Cut & Style Barbie dolls

red & brown haired Cut & Style Barbie dolls

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  1. Hi Janina! I have the redhead one of these in a green dress – Just wondering if you know what her name is? Thanks!

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