Who has really no Holiday Barbie dolls?

The Holiday season is not far. Since August you can buy the lastest Holiday Barbie 2018 if you want. I’m not such a fan of her. I have several Holiday Barbie but not the latest ones. I think the history of the Holiday Barbie series is very interesting. Within the last 30 years many things have changed like the jewelry, the Make-Up and the dresses themselves. 

I think they are not so festive anymore. The early Barbie dolls from this series you can see a greater “wow”-effect. I don’t know really how to describe it but I would express them as beautiful. Maybe this is so because I grew up in this era and they were familiar to me. Anyway, I also have later Barbie dolls from after the 2000. 

Untitled design2
Holiday Barbie 2015
Untitled design1
Holiday Barbie 2004

Holiday 2013 Barbie

Today I gonna open my treasure chest again and present you my new Holiday 2013 Barbie doll. I just received her two days ago.  Hope you enjoy the pics although Christmas is over already.

Holiday 2013 Barbie has a silver dress with white application

Holiday 2013 Barbie (Close up, she has no real eyelashes)

Holiday 2013 Barbie has a doll stand included.

She is the 32nd Holiday Barbie in my collection, which also includes Variations of Holiday Barbie doll with different hair colours.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!

Today I gonna write only a short article. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I bought myself as a Christmas present the last Barbie doll missing in my Holiday Collection. It’s the special edition available at Sears from 2004.  I took some pics before I left for my Christmas holiday last Thursday.

Holiday 2004 (red dress)

Holiday 2004 Barbie from Sears, regular doll wore a green dress

Holiday 2004 Barbie doll, so nice

Holiday Treasures Barbie – the trio

I’m proud to present you my collection of Holiday Treasure Barbie dolls. The were made in 1999,2000 and 2001.

The one with the blue dress is from 2001. She’s the last one from the series and she was a Collector’s Club Exclusive back then. I think you hardly can see it but the glitter on her white skirt sparkles and creates a very state occasion.

The one with red and gold dress is from 1999. She was the first one in this series. I really like her hairdo.

The one with the red and green dress is from 2000. She has  gold ornaments on her dress.

All three Barbie dolls from the Holiday Treasures series

My Holiday Barbie dolls

Today I’d like to show you now my Holiday Barbie Collection. She contains the first 10 Happy Holidays Barbie dolls from 1988 -1998, the Millennium Holiday Barbie dolls and continues from 2001 to 2011. The only dolls missing are the Happy Holidays Barbie 1997 (blonde hair), the Holiday Visions Barbie doll from 2003 and the Holiday 2004 Barbie doll in burgundy dress(Sears exclusive).

My Holiday Barbie dolls from 1988 to 2011