The only Magic Moves Barbie from Congost resource you will ever need…

I admit in the last months I found lots of Congost Barbie dolls from Spain. I have no idea why but I buy the dolls when they become available somewhere. My latest find is a Spanish version of the Magic Moves Barbie. I have no idea what her name is. I bought her as Spanish Magic Moves version. She is indeed different from the US version. It seems that the boxed dolls from Spain are extremely hard to find so I bought mine without any box. She still has 95% of her hair (which is quite good for a Barbie doll from Spain). She also has her complete make up. This time no problems with repaints. The only thing she’s missing is her original outfit. At the moment she’s wearing a mini dress. I’m not sure to which Barbie doll the dress belongs.


Magic Moves Barbie Spanish version


The mechanism does not work anymore but I don’t care very much about it.

Magic Moves Barbie

Several month ago I had the feeling that I wanted this doll. She’s from the year I was born in, 1985. At the moment I really like the 1980s Barbie dolls. I don’t know why they never before attracted my attention.I love her sky blue outfit. It’s so 1980s like. Anyway, I love this doll. The box says she was produced in Taiwan. I recently learned that there are two versions of the same doll. One has pink lips and the other one used an light orange lipstick with a shade of a colour called “nude” today.

Magic Moves Barbie 1985

Magic Moves Barbie