Have you ever tried to re-crimp Barbie hair

When you grew up in the 90s you know what I’m talking about. If not let me tell you that crimped hair were wide spread in the 1990s not just for dolls. Especially in the early 90s this was a big thing. Even my cousin had a crimping iron. I did not know about this whole trend until she explained her crimping iron to me in 1995 or 1996. I know this is rather late for crimping irons but they still exist. You can still buy them today but the trend as big as it was in the 1990s disappeared somehow. Mainly due to fashion reasons I think.

Maybe they come back in some years like many trends come back every 20 or so years. I’m showing you a pic of what I’m talking about.


Anyway Mattel used this unique hair technique to make the Barbie dolls look like they were very hot, cool, stylish, trendy. In my childhood almost all of the Barbie dolls I knew had these waves. In my world these waves had no names. One could not imagine that it might change one day with the waves. I know this sounds crazy especially when you came to Barbie later or earlier but in the 90s these crimp waves were huge. However with in the almost 3 decades that passed by since these crazy crimp waves appeared for the first time. Many dolls have somehow lost their waves. My Totally Hair Barbie suffered under this problem almost from the beginning. I think she lost her waves after being braided with a normal 3 stand braid for a longer time period. So this phenomenon is not new to me but I search for ways how to restore these waves and try to make them look like they were freshly deboxed. This is not always easy because most of the time they are missing a lot of hair in their ends due to the fact that the hair fibre used mainly is Kanekalon hair. Some rare dolls also had Saran hair and their hair stayed intact. You can see this when you search for Hollywood Hair Barbie and compare the offer with Totally Hair Barbie dolls on ebay. Hollywood Hair Barbie never had this problem. The reason is the fiber. I never understood it as a child. That’s something I learned along my way as a collector.

In the 1990s we find mainly Kanekalon hair. It’s the cheapest kind of hair that can be mass produced. Maybe that’s the reason why a lot of these 90s Barbie dolls had a huge amount of hair at first? After the first tangles they had less and less hair. That’s also the reason why the ends of the Totally Hair Barbie/ Ultra Hair Barbie can often be found with very thin ends. Tangles – the dead of every Barbie doll with Kanekalon hair. If you compare this fibre with earlier Barbie dolls from the 1960s, 1970s or 1980s the 90s is the first decade where the problem of general Barbie doll hair loss appears.

Now let’s turn back to the main problem with the waves. Kanekalon as a fibre is easy to work with. You can bring the hair in any form you want and you can curl the hair with every curler or curling iron you have. The art here is to find a way that your doll hair keeps this position permanently and here my job starts. I try to show you easy to follow ways to get your doll to a shape as good as new. This is not always easy and a lot of testing is necessary for good results but you get them as soon as they are available. If you have ever tried to re-crimp Totally Hair Barbie or Ultra Hair Barbie successful let me know your recipe.

Forgot to mention how it works

On Saturday I told you about my Hollywood Hair family but I think a video of how it worked is better than just to describe it. So what is better than the original TV ad? Demonstration pure…

If you prefer to watch the German TV ad, watch this video…

The Complete Hollywood Hair Barbie Family

I am thrilled to announce that my Hollywood Hair Barbie collection is finally complete! After years of searching and waiting, I was able to add Ken to my doll family just this week. Now, all four dolls are together, creating a stunning display of beauty and style. My little Hollywood Hair Barbie family is complete now.

Ken, with his dashing looks and impeccable fashion sense, is the perfect addition to the Hollywood Hair Barbie family. Standing alongside Hollywood Hair Teresa in orange, Hollywood Hair Skipper in turquoise, and the iconic Hollywood Hair Barbie in white, Ken completes the vibrant and fashionable quartet.

Each doll in this collection is unique and brings its own charm to the group. Hollywood Hair Teresa, with her fiery orange outfit, exudes confidence and charisma. She is a true fashion icon, always setting trends with her bold and daring style choices.

Hollywood Hair Skipper, with her stunning turquoise locks, is the epitome of youthful energy and fun. She is always ready for an adventure and never shies away from trying new hairstyles and experimenting with different looks.

Of course, no Hollywood Hair Barbie collection would be complete without the star of the show herself. With her flowing white and glamorous outfits, Hollywood Hair Barbie is the embodiment of elegance and grace. She is the ultimate fashionista, effortlessly capturing the essence of Hollywood glamour.

Now that Ken has joined the group, the Hollywood Hair Barbie family is complete. They are not just dolls; they represent a world of imagination and creativity. Each doll allows me to explore different hairstyles, mix and match outfits, and create endless stories and adventures.

Having all four dolls together in my collection brings me immense joy and satisfaction. It’s like having a little piece of Hollywood right in my own home. I can’t help but feel inspired by their beauty and style, and I can’t wait to see what new looks and hairstyles I can create with this complete set.

If you are a fan of Barbie dolls, I highly recommend adding the Hollywood Hair Barbie collection to your own collection. These dolls are not only stunning to look at, but they also provide endless possibilities for creativity and imagination. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting your Barbie journey, the Hollywood Hair Barbie family is a must-have.

In conclusion, I am thrilled to have finally completed my Hollywood Hair Barbie collection with the addition of Ken. With each doll representing a unique style and personality, this quartet brings a touch of Hollywood glamour into my world. I can’t wait to continue exploring different hairstyles and creating new adventures with these fabulous dolls.

Now I have this series complete after almost 25 years. I had the Barbie doll in my childhood and wanted Skipper and Teresa but I never got them. I had not enough money to buy them all when I was a child. Barbie dolls were expensive back then in Germany. I needed the milk money of approx. two months to buy one. I think in 2010 I got Skipper and Teresa and Ken was still missing. Now have this series complete.

blonde Hollywood Hair Ken in his original box, part of of the complete Hollywood Hair Barbie family

Hollywood Hair Ken in his original box, part of of the complete Hollywood Hair Barbie family

and the whole series …

Complete Barbie Hollywood Hair family with Hollywood Hair Skipper, Hollywood Hair Ken, Hollywood Hair Barbie and Hollywood Hair Teresa all in their original pink boxes from 1993

IMG 4051

I can’t say what was in the bottles back then. Some say it was only water. Some say it was a special liquid and the Saran hair got a special treatment so that you could make it shimmer in pink as soon as you sprayed with the liquid.  The sad thing was that the smell was incredibly awesome but the stars disappeared very soon.