Erie talking dolls

Several people have asked me if my repaired Talking Barbie dolls are really repaired due to poor sound quality. I said this is how it’s meant to be. In spite of Talking Barbie’s 50-year anniversary, we should not forget her. I had a talking doll in the early 1990s that sounded very similar. The space available for a record is very limited. Be prepared for miracles, but don’t expect them. It was even more sacrifying when Thomas Alva Edison presented his first talking dolls.

There was a technique discovered in the last few years to make them talk again, if I remember correctly.  There is nothing beautiful about the doll’s voice, even if it looks nice and beautiful. It makes me rather run away than listen and I think I’m not the only one.

And then compare them with Talking Barbie. Is it better? A huge improvement almost 70 years later? Yes, but of course not perfect. Don’t forget it’s from a time when nobody knew about the digital world and Mp3s and so on.