My Hollywood Hairs … mission complete now

This week I finally got my Hollywood Hair Ken. I thought too long to buy him or not but finally I got him. Now I have this series complete after almost 25 years. I had the Barbie doll in my childhood and wanted Skipper and Teresa but I never got them. I had not enough money to buy them all when I was a child. Barbie dolls were expensive back then in Germany. I needed the milk money of approx. two months to buy one. I think in 2010 I got Skipper and Teresa and Ken was still missing. Now have this series complete.

and the whole series …

I can’t say what was in the bottles back then. Some say it was only water. Some say it was a special liquid and the Saran hair got a special treatment so that you could make it shimmer in pink as soon as you sprayed with the liquid.  The sad thing was that the smell was incredibly awesome but the stars disappeared very soon.

My latest Ooak

I’m not the one who like to sit on a sofa and do nothing. I used the winter to finish my latest project. Instead of pics I did a video for you. So here it is….

Hope you like it.

The handbag is back

Yesterday I was able to complete an outfit … after almost 17 years. At first I didn’t realized that the handbag was gone but several years ago I noticed it. And nobody seemed to know it. Later I realized that it was Fashion Avenue Fashion that was only sold in Europe.

By accident I found it last week in a heap of other Barbie stuff, you know these little accessories. I immediately asked the seller for the golden handbag and so I got it. What a happy day for every collector. Here’s a pic of what I’m talking about.


Gold Jubilee Barbie

Finally after at least 10 years I was able to find the Gold Jubilee Barbie in Europe. She was made for the 35th Anniversary of Barbie in 1994. Only 7000 Barbie dolls were made for the market. Back then she was a very limited doll. She looks very typical for a Barbie doll for the 1990s dolls. She has rooted eyelashes and a very opulent dress. She also has a very extraoridinary box. I’m so happy to have her in my collection now.

Gold Jubilee Barbie

Gold Jubilee Barbie

Gold Jubilee Barbie

Gold Jubliee Barbie