Gold Jubilee Barbie
April 6, 2012 Collector Barbie

Finally after at least 10 years I was able to find the Gold Jubilee Barbie in Europe. She was made for the 35th Anniversary of Barbie in 1994. Only 7000 Barbie dolls were made for the market. Back then she was a very limited doll. She looks very typical for a Barbie doll for the 1990s dolls. She has rooted eyelashes and a very opulent dress. She also has a very extraoridinary box. I’m so happy to have her in my collection now.

Gold Jubilee Barbie

Gold Jubilee Barbie

Gold Jubilee Barbie

Gold Jubliee Barbie

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  1. Paul BarbieMania

    She could be easily mistaken for one of Bob Mackie’s creations: the glitters and beads, the over-the-top glam factor; you name it. But Carol Spencer knew what she was doing I guess. I read somewhere that there are about 7,300 pieces made, with 5,000 for the US market(serial number D), 2,000 internationally (serial number I) and 300 for Mattel’s promotional (serial number M). At one point she was selling as much as $2,400 (woowwee!) but currently she selling much much less. Found many going for less than $200 floating around eBay. Hopefully you don’t pay so much for yours, but then again, it doesn’t really matter as long as you enjoy your doll. Congrats on having her dear. Happy Easter!

    • Thanks Paul. In fact she was cheaper than $200. My Gold Jubilee was made for the US-market (but I found her in France). She has a D in her serial number. Interesting to tell is that I found an advertising for a showcase exactly made for her in her box. Happy Easter!

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