The Totally Hair Barbie family: A Diverse Collection of Iconic Dolls


The Totally Hair Barbie family has captured the hearts of doll collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. This diverse collection consists of Totally Hair Barbie in three different versions – blonde, brunette, and Afro-American. In addition, there is Totally Hair Whitney with the Steffi Face, Totally Hair Ken, and two exclusive dolls, Totally Hair Courtney and Totally Hair Skipper, which were only available at Toys “R” Us. Let’s take a closer look at each member of this iconic doll family.

Totally Hair Barbie (Blonde):

The blonde version of Totally Hair Barbie is perhaps the most recognizable member of the family. With her long, flowing hair that reaches down to her ankles, she has become a symbol of glamour and beauty. This Barbie doll embodies the essence of the 90s with her vibrant fashion choices and confident demeanor.

Ultra Hair Barbie blonde version in box, never removed from box
Totally Hair Barbie blonde version in box

Totally Hair Barbie (Brunette):

The brunette version of Totally Hair Barbie offers a refreshing twist to the collection. With her stunning brown locks cascading down her back, she exudes elegance and sophistication. This doll showcases the versatility and beauty of different hair colors, appealing to a wider audience of Barbie enthusiasts.

Totally Hair Barbie (brunette) with the classic open mouth smiling Barbie face in her original box
Totally Hair Barbie (brunette) Close-up in box with classic Barbie smile

Totally Hair Barbie (Afro-American Version):

Celebrating diversity, the Afro-American version of Totally Hair Barbie is a true representation of inclusivity. With her gorgeous curly hair, she celebrates and embraces natural beauty. This doll signifies the importance of representation and empowers young girls of color to embrace their unique features and heritage. Of course the Afro-American version was not available in Europe. She has a more metallic make up than her sisters with green and yellow instead of blue and lilac eye shadow. I really like the idea.

Totally Hair Barbie black version with dark skin and black hair close up

Totally Hair Whitney (Steffi Face):

Totally Hair Whitney stands out with her unique Steffi Face mold. This doll brings a touch of sophistication to the collection, with her elegant features and stylish outfits. Her long hair perfectly matches her fashionable sense of style, making her a must-have for collectors and fashion enthusiasts alike. Totally Hair Whitney was only available in Europe and Canada and is the most expensive doll of this series.

Ultra Hair Whitney in box

Totally Hair Ken:

Completing the family is Totally Hair Ken, the perfect companion for the Barbie dolls. With his suave looks and trendsetting hairstyles, he adds a touch of masculinity to the collection. This Ken doll proves that hair care and grooming are not limited to just the females, encouraging boys to express themselves through fashion and style.

Ultra Hair Ken in box, never removed from box
Ultra Hair Ken in box, never removed from box

Totally Hair Courtney and Totally Hair Skipper (Toys “R” Us Exclusives):

Two special members of the family, Totally Hair Courtney and Totally Hair Skipper, were exclusive to Toys “R” Us . These dolls were highly sought after by collectors due to their limited availability. Their unique features and fashionable outfits made them a must-have for passionate Barbie enthusiasts. I have found no evidence that these dolls were exclusively sold in the US.

Ultra Hair Skipper in box, never removed from box
Totally Hair Courtney in original box
Totally Hair Courtney close up in her nrfb box


The Totally Hair Barbie family, consisting of Totally Hair Barbie in various hair colors, Totally Hair Whitney with the Steffi Face, Totally Hair Ken, and the exclusive dolls Totally Hair Courtney and Totally Hair Skipper, has left an indelible mark on the world of dolls. By embracing diversity and celebrating different hair types and styles, this collection has empowered generations of young girls and boys to express themselves and embrace their unique identities. The Totally Hair Barbie family truly embodies the spirit of inclusivity and fashion-forwardness, making them beloved icons in the Barbie universe.

 My special relationship to this Totally Hair Barbie family

After several years of searching I have now the whole family and I’m really happy that I own them. I had the Totally Hair Barbie when I was a child and she was the Barbie that I had to wait for her three whole weeks. The demand for her was big when I was little. I was so happy that I found out the American name of the doll since she was called here in Europe “Ultra Hair Barbie” and I learned that I had the luck that the demand was not as high as it is at the moment. It’s a real good feeling that I have the whole family and that I have the blonde version nrfb now. Unfortunately the of  my doll was after serveral years not as thick as it has been at the begin and the plastic of the nrfb doll has become yellow in the meantime. I always felt a little worried about the fact although I was not the one who played with the dolls every day. I more often used them as models and only redressed them.

The complete Totally Hair family




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