A second impression of my collection

Now I want you to show several of my Collector Barbie dolls. You will see two different series , the “Spirit series” exclusively made for Toys’r’us and the Classical Goddess series. Both were released in the beginning of this decade. I bought my Goddess series in 2005 and the other Barbie dolls in 2009 except the Spirit of the water. She was also bought in 2005.

The Spirit Series

Spirit of the Earth Barbie


Spirit of the earth

Spirit of the Earth

Spirit of the Sky Barbie

Spirit of the Sky

Spirit of the Sky

Spirit of the water Barbie

The Classical Goddess Series

Goddess of love and beauty Barbie

Goddess of Spring Barbie

Goddess of Spring

Goddess of Wisdom

Goddess of Wisdom Barbie

A first impression

Today I will show you the first pics from my collection. I tried to choose Barbies from different areas that you can imagine the whole area of my collection. You will see Collector Barbie als well as Playline Barbies from past years . I’m not interested in Playlines that you can buy now.

Barbie and Krissy Strollin Fun Set


This post was one of the first ones I ever wrote without having any idea how blogging works. I update my whole blog at the moment and found some nice posts. That’s why I currently update my whole blog a bit. It’s funny to read what I wrote here over ten years ago, never realized that this should be updated every now and then.