The Frustrating Saga of Missing Congost Ken continues: A Journey of 3 Weeks and a Missing Comma

My Tropical Ken from Congost embarked on a journey of a lifetime. After weeks of anticipation and excitement, he finally arrived at his destination in Germany. However, there was a slight hiccup in the last delivery that threatened to delay his highly anticipated arrival.

The Last Delivery: A Missing Comma

The saga began when Congost Ken’s package was sent out via postal service from Spain to Germany. Little did the sender in Spain know that a simple comma would make all the difference. Unfortunately, when the package arrived, the post office was unable to locate the correct address. The missing comma left the package stranded, waiting to be discovered.

Congost Tropical Ken mummy

The Problem with the Address, Congost Ken undeliverable?

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the problem lay in the address details. The numerical portion of the address lacked a comma, rendering it unreadable to the post office’s automated system. As a result, the package was incorrectly routed and couldn’t be delivered to the intended destination. So instead of being delivered he made a trip via Denmark back to Spain. There’s no need to understand why via Denmark. I even tried to contact the hub in Denmark to get him delivered to me but the only things I got to hear was that I contacted the wrong subsidy of DHL. They possibly could have helped me but who cares?

The Importance of Local Knowledge

Had someone with knowledge of the area stumbled upon the missing comma, the saga would have likely ended there. However, this unfortunate oversight left Congost Ken’s package untraceable, causing frustration for all parties involved. Nothing is more exciting than chasing and tracking your parcels every day.

Congost Tropical Ken in

The Solution: Another Shipping Fee

After days of searching and deliberation, a solution presented itself. The sender agreed to pay a small fee of 12 euros to have Congost Ken’s package reshipped to the correct address. This additional measure ensured that Congost Ken would arrive at his destination without further delay.

Lessons Learned

The frustrating saga of missing Congost Ken serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of attention to detail. A missing comma, a seemingly insignificant error, can have far-reaching consequences. This experience also highlights the value of local knowledge and the significance of double-checking addresses before sending packages.

Congost Tropical Ken
Just freshly deboxed Tropical Ken, still tired from the Journey


In the end, Congost Ken’s journey was not without its fair share of challenges. However, thanks to the persistence of the sender and the resourcefulness of the postal service, Congost Ken finally arrived at his destination. The saga may have started as a frustrating ordeal, but it ultimately served as a lesson in the importance of attention to detail, local knowledge, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Own experiences

Many many years ago a friend of my parents wrote a postcard from his vacation. Instead of the postal code a part of the phone number of my parents was written down. You may be surprised but the card arrived at my parent’s with a little delay but it arrived with the request to tell the friend the right postal code for the next card. From my own experience I can tell you that I also do mistakes concerning postal codes. Last year I ordered mountain cheese from Austria for the whole family. Being in hurry I changed the numbers in the postal code but the city and the street of my parents were correct. It was delivered despite mistake but it was not DHL that delivered last year. Be sure that this year I check the postal code of my parents twice before I order anything.

Congost Tropical Ken Christmas
Congost Ken enjoying his new home for X-mas

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