How to make a pair of pants for Barbie

I know it’s not an easy topic. I actually wanted to know how to make a pair of pants for Barbie for a long time but I had my difficulties with the how to. Why? Because I misunderstood how to draft the patterns. This was really a hard topic for me for a while. I always wanted to be able to do patterns myself but the way to figure the right way out was the hardest task on my journey.

Should you give up when you are in this situation too? I would say no, definitive no. Continue. Go on and the best thing is that you can use my videos as an instruction. You only need greaseproof paper, a biro, a ruler, some thread and here you go. Additionally you can get yourself a green map like the one you see here in my videos. Mine was in a bundle with a roll cutter.

Then you go and get your measurements. I admit I did not use any of my books but a lot of videos to understand the basics of making a pattern for a pair of pants. From a very early age on I wanted to make designs for Barbie, thought I could simply use the Fashion Designer, you know this PC software from the 1990s for Barbie.

Indeed I wanted it when it was released but it was extreme expensive. I think it was around 60 DM. That would be around € 44,17 in Euros today. Would you have paid so much money for such a piece of software? I admit I wanted it but I was only 10 years old back then and easy to influence. To come back to the point. The program would not have helped me back then since a) the measurements on paper are different than on fabric and b) all the designs were already finished designs that you only needed to combine.

Measurements I used for the pair of pants you see below

Seen from the point of view today it would have been interesting for about an hour or maybe two for me but after that I would have been boring. In general I had hoped that they would tell you how to do your own designs but in times before youtube and facebook it was hard to publish your own videos. The whole internet thing was just in the beginning. In case you’re too young to know this game here’s a link

Draft for the pair of pants you see below

As always I had to go my own way to get the results I wanted. For the pair of pants I needed longer than planned but better late then never. Like already mentioned in other videos I had my difficulties to understand what I’m doing in pattern making, completely misunderstood that the waist is an important part when doing designs. This is also true for a pair of Barbie pants or a pair of pants for other dolls. You can modify the pattern in a very easy way. Just take the measurements I show in my video at the end of my video. It’s not really hard. When you already know something about darts then this video should be no problem. I don’t show the darts here because you have to adjust them after sewing the pair of pants for the first time. It’s not hard I guess you can do it by yourself when you are a bit into sewing.

A pair of pants made by Busy B from Germany

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